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6 Great Reasons to Raise Guinea Fowl

6 Great Reasons to Raise Guinea Fowl

Are you thinking about raising guinea fowl in your backyard? Here are six reasons why we think guinea fowl would make a great addition to your backyard family.

Tick Control

Guineas are like miniature tick hunters. They’ll scour your yard for those tiny, disease-carrying ticks and get rid of them before they land on your children or pets and you have to worry about things like Lyme’s disease. If you live in wooded areas with a lot of deer, you likely have a higher number of ticks than normal—raising guinea fowl can help to control the ticks in your area.


Do you have an herb garden or a pet that you’d like to protect from intruders? Guinea fowl make a great alarm system, and will definitely alert you if there’s a strange presence on your property. They’ll also attack any snakes before they can get close to your house and startle you and your family.

They’re Tough

Even though they’re originally from Africa, they’re very hardy creatures and can handle any kind of weather, so you won’t have to go too crazy making accommodations for the birds during the winter.

Easy Additions to Your Chicken Coop

If you already have chickens, it’s easy to add guinea fowl to the mix. Guinea are very similar to chickens and require the same type of housing and care, so you won’t have to rebuild your coop or change your feed to add them to the mix.  They are also very adaptable to run free and do not require man made housing as long as there are trees for them to roost in.

They’re Fun to Watch

Guinea fowl are real characters, and will provide endless entertainment for your friends and family by running around your yard making fools of themselves.

The Eggs

Finally, let’s not forget their delicious eggs! They are distinctly different from chicken eggs and many bakers swear by them for use in cakes and pies. Have fun cracking open a guinea egg because they have a harder shell than chicken eggs.


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4 thoughts on “6 Great Reasons to Raise Guinea Fowl

  1. We have a pest problem with spiders on our property so I got some guinea hens and they marched from one end to the other and soon we had no spiders which I loved but one day one of them flew up into a large tree to roost. That was fine but then the others began to do the same thing and one day they just walk up the hill and we never saw them again.

    Question: How can I prevent them from flying away or leaving on their own. The fenced in area is about half a acre with a six foot high fence. The spiders are back and I’d love to get some more but don’t know how to keep them from flying away.

    1. you can clip thier wings or better yet clip ONE wing. this will make them fly side ways and they will stop trying to fly high. However, this will let them become more vulnerable to predators.

  2. I can’t find it on your website.

    Can you have a mixed order of chickens and guineas??

    1. yes, you can however, the guineas are not available until the summer months. so if you can wait for your chicken until then we can ship together.. if not they need to be seperate orders.

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