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5 Accessories to Add to your Chicken Coop

5 Accessories to Add to your Chicken Coop

People take great pride in their DIY chicken coop designs, and rightly so. There are few things more satisfying than stepping back to appraise the fancy new coop you poured weeks of blood, sweat and profanity into. As admirable as this achievement is, however, it’s only the beginning. Now that you’ve built a happy home for your hens, you’re probably chomping at the bit to outfit it with all the latest and greatest amenities. Today, we’ll look at a few excellent accessories to make your coop the envy of all those less-fortunate neighborhood flocks.

Solar-Powered Predator Light

These LED lights charge themselves with a solar panel during the day, and then emit a flashing red light outside of your coop at night. This unfamiliar red light will serve as a powerful deterrent to wandering predators such as weasels and raccoons. Predator lights are an easy, inexpensive way to keep your flock safe at night. Nite Guard makes a number of cost-effective options that receive consistently positive reviews from users.

Security Camera

While we’re on the subject of coop security, let’s talk cameras. Some chicken owners use game cameras to keep tabs on their flock. These work well enough, but they typically don’t offer real-time monitoring. As long as your coop isn’t too far from your home, a baby monitor will work in a pinch. D-Link also makes an inexpensive wireless security camera that can be monitored right from your smartphone.

Automatic Door Kit

These kits typically consist of a simple motor and timer that will open and close the door to your coop at preselected times of day. They’re easy to install, and they free chicken owners from the hassle of having to run out to the chicken coop bright and early every morning. If you rely on one of these to close up your coop at night, just be sure none of your hens get locked out.

Water Fountains

These simple water dispensers provide your flock with a supply of cool, fresh water all day long. If you’re away from home for extended periods of time, a water fountain is downright essential. There are plenty of store-bought fountains available, but if you’re feeling ambitious you can build your own instead!

Heated Pads

These pads are great additions to coops in cold environments. They also make for a great, even heat source for a brooder! They have internal thermostats that keep them at a comfortable temperature for your chickens at all times. Mount them on a wall for radiant heat, or set them right on the floor and let your hens warm their feet during the winter.

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5 Coop Accessories

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