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A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens for Eggs

A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens for Eggs

It’s no secret that farm fresh eggs are tastier and better for baking and cooking than the store bought kind. Raising chickens for their eggs can be a very rewarding endeavor, but there’s a lot of preparation that goes into it. So what do you need to know to get started?




Before you bring your chickens home, there are a few things you’ll need to have ready. First, you’ll need a chicken coop. The coop should contain a feeder, water containers and at least one nest box per every three hens. Ideally, the coop should also be tall enough to stand in so you can comfortably gather eggs and shovel out manure.

Raising chickens 101

Chickens are social animals, so you’ll want to keep at least four to six birds. They will also need plenty of space to roam. If you’re able to let the chickens have free range of your yard, make sure the area is fenced to keep predators out. Your flock should always have access to a shelter in case they need to retreat from predators or nasty weather.

What to eggspect

Egg laying is not an exact science, but happy, well-fed and stress-free hens will lay regularly once they’ve reached maturity. On average, you can expect three hens to produce about two eggs a day. Another important factor governing egg production is the breed of chicken; different breeds have different temperaments and physical characteristics that influence their egg laying habits and capabilities.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens for Eggs

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  1. Chicken raising is not an easy job, but I like this job because it gives me great pleasure when I find chickens every day healthy.

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