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Breed Spotlight: Brahma Chickens

Brahma Hen

If you spend much time on YouTube, you may remember seeing a massive Brahma rooster strutting his stuff in a video that went viral last year. We received quite a bit of interest in Brahma chickens as a result, so we figured this would be a great opportunity to provide our readers with a little more information about this fascinating breed.

The origins of Brahma chickens have been the subject of considerable historical debate, but they are widely believed to have been developed in 19th-century America from large Chinese breeds imported from the Port of Shanghai. Although most Brahma hens weigh between eight and ten pounds, especially large hens can be substantially heavier. These chickens also have a tremendous amount of fluffy down under their main feathers, which tends to make them appear even bigger than they actually are.

Although the breed’s impressive size is its most immediately apparent feature, Brahma chickens are very well-regarded for their practical qualities as well. They are an exceptionally hardy breed that can easily withstand cold climates thanks to their thick, downy plumage. Brahma hens are also great winter-layers that lay most of their eggs between the months of October and May. Furthermore, they are typically a very calm and docile breed that doesn’t need much room to roam. This makes them an ideal choice for backyard chicken keepers who don’t have enough space for wide-ranging breeds.

Today, Brahma chickens are available in three color variations—light, dark and buff. We also offer miniature Brahma Bantams for people who want smaller chickens with the same friendly temperament as their larger cousins.  If you have any additional questions about these gentle giants, feel free to give us a call or contact us online today.

And that’s today’s news from the Cackle Coop!

Brahma Hen

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