Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam

Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam Rooster Chicken

Cackle Hatchery® offers the Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam, a miniature version of the standard Wheaten Cubalaya. Originating in Cuba, these chickens have several notable features including their low carried tails. They…

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Exotic Island Fowl Special

Exotic Island Fowl Special -0

This special can include the following breeds/varieties: Wheaten Cubalaya, Black Breasted Red Phoenix, Golden Duckwing Phoenix, Saipans, Blue Sumatra, Black Sumatra, Black Breasted Red Cubalaya Bantam, Silver Duckwing Yokohamas, Red…

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Purebred Bantam Assortment Special

Purebred Bantam Assortment Special-0

…Fleur or Porcelain d’Uccle; Rhode Island Red; Dominique; Buff Orpington; Barred Rock; Black Breasted Red or Wheatan Cubalaya; White Faced Black Spanish; Blue; Splash or Black Rosecomb; and others as…

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Clean Leg Bantam Assortment Special

Clean Leg Bantam Assortment Special-0

Cackle Hatchery® offers the Clean Leg bantams in an assortment package. In this assortment you could receive any of the following varieties: Easter Egger, Barred Rock, Cubalaya, Buff Orpington, Columbian…

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