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Silkie Bantam Chickens in the Breed Spotlight

A White Silkie Hens sitting next to a cat

The details of exactly when and how Silkie bantam chickens came into being have been lost in the mists of time. The breed was first mentioned by Marco Polo, who wrote about “chickens with fur-like feathers and black skin” in his 13th century report of his explorations in Asia. Most likely Silkie chickens existed long […]

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True Bantam Chicken Breeds

A d'Uccle Hen from Cackle Hatchery

Nearly every chicken breed has a bantam version. But some bantam breeds have no larger counterpart. The latter are true bantams. Cackle Hatchery® offers the following true bantam chicken breeds: Belgian d’Anvers Belgian d’Anvers bantams get their name from the Belgian municipality of Antwerp, which is “Anvers” to the French. The word d’Anvers therefore means […]

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5 Bantam Breeds that Tolerate Warm Weather

Silkie Chickens

In addition to the miniature versions of large warm weather chicken breeds, five other bantam breeds also do well when the temperature rises. Of those described below, four of the five bantam breeds that tolerate warm weather are true bantams. Bantam Chickens The history of bantam chickens follows that of the Industrial Revolution. As families […]

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