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How to Control Cannibalism in Chickens

chicken perched on a swing

In past blogs we’ve looked at different forms of cannibalism and the causes of cannibalism. But, despite your best efforts, your chickens persist in pecking one another. So let’s take a look at how to control cannibalism in chickens once it gets started. Identify the Perp At the first sign of picking, remove the injured […]

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Causes of Cannibalism in Chickens

Chicken Missing Head Feathers

Cannibalism appears in several forms. But they all start in the same basic way. One bird is attracted to peck another. That, in turn, attracts others to join in. Many different conditions can cause cannibalism in chickens. Cannibalism Triggers The following conditions, alone or in combination, may trigger cannibalism: Chicks raised in a brooder, rather […]

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