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12 Reasons for Low Fertility in Chickens and Other Poultry

Rosecomb Rooster

  Like all reproductive qualities of poultry, fertility has low heritability. However, many factors other than inheritance come into play. Most of them are related to either mechanical issues or faulty management. Let’s look at the 12 most common reasons for low fertility in chickens and other poultry.   Mechanical Issues 1. Comb Style Single […]

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How Long After Mating Does a Hen Lay Fertile Eggs?

Rooster Fertility

When a rooster mates a hen, his injected semen is stored in numerous sperm storage tubules (SSTs) located in the area where the hen’s uterus joins the vagina. That is, provided the hen likes the rooster. If she doesn’t, she can squirt out the semen to avoid hatching his offspring. Assuming the hen approves of […]

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