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Turn Eggshells Into Miniature Seed Planters

Turn Eggshells Into Miniature Seed Planters

Springtime is upon us, and that means it’s time to get outside and breathe new life into our gardens. Why not making some DIY seed planters next time you whip up scrambled eggs for breakfast? Eggshells make perfect planters – they’re small, biodegradable and they’ll provide your plants with valuable nutrients as they deteriorate in the soil. Making eggshell planters is a fun, easy weekend project. All you need is eggs, an egg carton, potting soil, a spray bottle of water and a small poking implement like a sewing needle or awl.

Start by Cracking Your Eggs  

Take care to crack them at the narrow end so that you can preserve most of the shell. You can make this process easier by using a knife to cut the top portion of the eggshell off, and then simply pour the contents of the egg out through the opening. Once you crack them, clean up the edges around the opening and rinse them with water. You can boil the shells for a few minutes to make sure you get all the egg residue out. Once the shells are clean, set them aside in the carton to dry.

Next, Add a Drainage Hole

This is where you’ll need your needle or awl. If you use a sewing needle route, choose a relatively wide one to allow for adequate drainage. Set the shells gently on a soft surface like a folded kitchen towel and press into the bottom of the shell with your poking implement. You may need to remove some of the interior membrane to make a clean hole in the shell. Once you’ve punctured the shell, wiggle the needle back and forth to make sure it’s large enough to drain properly.

Now It’s Time to Add Soil

Place the eggshells back in the carton, and use your spray bottle to gently mist them with water. Next, sprinkle potting soil slowly into the egg shell so that it’s distributed evenly. You can either use your fingers or a small spoon for this step. Once you’ve filled the shells with soil, you can plant your seeds.

Water and Wait

Spray the soil with water after you’ve planted the seeds, and then leave the eggshell planters in their carton in a well-lit area. Use your spray bottle to water the planters until seedlings begin to grow. Once they seedlings are ready to transfer, simply put the planters in the ground and crack the egg shells to allow room for the roots to grow. Your plants will start life with a healthy dose of fertilizer courtesy of their eggshell planters!

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