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African Geese

African Goose









African Goose


African Goose










African Goose



Day old African gosling

Day old African Gosling



Thank you Cackle Hatchery for our African goslings, they enjoy the spring grass.  Anne Marie, Paxico, KS

Thank you Cackle Hatchery for our African goslings, they enjoy the spring grass.  Anne Marie, Paxico, KS


African Geese Breed



African Goose Breed Information and Goose Facts

African Goose Breed Information:

African Geese are not from Africa! They are the same color as the brown Chinese goose but a little bigger. They originated in South East China and were imported into the USA in the nineteenth century. Known to “honk” and will protect or defend their territory.  The mature African Goose has a large knob attached to its forehead, and sometimes takes a few years to develop.  They a very large goose and have a smooth, rounded abdomen with little or no fatty lobe. They are grey with a dark brown or black stripe down the back of the head along the neck.  You can have one gander with more than one hen goose, generally 1 male goose to 3 female geese.

Goose Facts:

  • Weights:    Hen----12 lbs    Gander-----15 lbs

  • Purpose: Laying and Meat Production

  • Egg Color: White

  • Egg Production:  Fair, 40 to 50 eggs per year

  • Country of Origin: China

  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection

  • ALBC: Watch, Considered a Sustainable Heritage Goose Breed

  • Breeder Farm Source: "Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm" developing our bloodline or strain of pure African Geese since 1974.


Cackle Hatchery® has African Geese for sale.



Breed Group Quantity Per Gosling Price To Purchase
African Geese Unsexed 1 9.30



African Geese Unsexed 8 9.20


African Geese Unsexed 16 9.10


African Geese Unsexed 32 9.00


African Geese Pair 1 pr 12.30



African Geese Trio 1 trio 12.30




Small order Trio of One Day Old Baby Geese

Day Old Trio of African Goslings


1 male and 2 female of the same breed of your choice from our Toulouse, White Embden, African and White Chinese Geese

$73.00 * Free Shipping

Small Order Trio of Geese


Price: $73.00
* Free Shipping

*NOTE: (The total cost of chicks, special shipping cost and special packing cost). The higher cost for special shipping requirements needed to ship small amount of birds. There is a higher cost associated with properly shipping/packing handling a SMALL amount of chicks to arrive safely to your post office. A number of measures may be used such as a heating pad, extra nesting, padding, insulation, special box or boxes, or any special shipping arrangements. All of the above includes (FREE) Mareks Vaccination except for duck, goose and guinea small order specials (Mareks is a chicken vaccine).

Cackle Hatchery® must be notified of any unsafe arrivals within 24 hours in order for you to be refunded the chick price (regular chick price) or a onetime reshipment. Regular orders must use minimum order requirements found on page 4 of the catalog and use regular shipping fees. We do not send extra chicks on this small order. Your confirmed shipping date may be changed at the last minute at the discretion of Cackle Hatchery® depending on the weather at time of shipping.


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