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5 Creative Uses for Your Eggshells

5 Creative Uses for Your Eggshells

If you raise chickens, chances are you’ve got more eggshells in the kitchen than you know what to do with. In an earlier entry, we showed you how to make seed planters out of discarded eggshells. In fact, this is just one of many practical uses for eggshells! Today we’ll share a few more of our favorites.

Remember: before you try any of these ideas, it’s important to make sure your eggshells are clean and bacteria-free. To do this, you can wash them in a gentle solution of soap and water, and/or bake them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Abrasive Cleaner

Struggling to get stubborn grime off pots and pans? Crushed eggshells make a great abrasive additive to your usual cleaning solution. Just add them to a container of soap and water and scrub away! This is also a great way to clean narrow-necked thermoses. Just fill your thermos with your solution of soap, water and eggshells and then shake vigorously to free stuck-on grit and residue.

Calcium Supplement

Over-the-counter calcium supplements are expensive, and not always particularly effective. Why not go right to the source? An eggshell contains, on average, about 750mg of calcium. To make your DIY supplement, start by baking the eggshells at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. Once they cool, use a pestle and mortar to grind them into a powder. Add about a teaspoon of the powder to your favorite smoothie and enjoy.

Coffee Additive

If you’re not a fan of bitter coffee, adding eggshells to your grounds can help to mellow the flavor. Just crush the shells and then add them to the grounds before you brew your coffee. The mix of coffee grounds and eggshells can also make a great addition to your compost pile! This brings us to our next suggestion.


The minerals in eggshells are great for your garden! Calcium isn’t just good for your bones. It’s an important part of a healthy plant diet as well. Simply add crushed eggshells to your plantings, or turn the shells into planters for your seeds!

Pest Control

While you’re out in the garden, you can also use your leftover eggshells to keep soft-bodied pests like slugs and snails at bay. Just sprinkle crushed eggshells around the perimeter of your garden. Pests will steer clear of your garden to avoid crawling over the sharp shells. Some homeowners report that this is an effective way to keep house cats out of gardens as well!



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