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Can a Rooster Lay an Egg?

Rooster laying an Egg

The earliest documented instance of a “rooster” laying an egg occurred in Basel, Switzerland, in 1474. The “rooster” was sentenced to death for the “unnatural crime of laying an egg.” A similar event took place, again in Switzerland, in 1730. In the United States, in 1922 a brown Leghorn “rooster” in Madison, Wisconsin, began laying […]

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12 Chicken Breeds with the Best Laying Hens

Brown Eggs from Productive Hen

All female chickens lay eggs, and all hens lay best in their first year of production. But some chicken breeds lay better than others. Hens that lay best are of breeds that have been selectively bred for egg production, rather than for fast growth or exhibition qualities.   Layers of Eggs with Brown Shells Chicken […]

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Unraveling the Mystery of a Hen’s Egg Song

Crowing Hen

If you’ve spent much time around chickens, you’ve probably noticed that these birds can be surprisingly vocal creatures. Roosters may have earned a reputation for crowing at sunrise, but you can often hear hens clucking and squawking to one another as well. In fact, recent research suggests that chickens are capable of making as many […]

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