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Heritage Turkey Spotlight — Royal Palm, Ideal for Small Families

Royal Palm Turkey

The Royal Palm is a lightweight turkey with stunning white plumage trimmed in black. Turkeys with a similar color pattern have been raised in Europe since the 1700s, known there variously as black-laced white, pied, or Crollwitzer.   The first turkeys in the United States with the palm color pattern appeared in the 1920s in […]

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Breed Spotlight: Silkie Bantam Chickens

Silkie Bantams

Named for their trademark fluffy plumage that feels like silk to the touch, Silkie Bantams are among the most beloved ornamental breeds in the world. Their soft, beautiful feathers have made them a popular choice for exhibition birds, but the striking appearance of Silkie Bantams is far from their only virtue. Silkie Bantams have a […]

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