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Black Laced Red Wyandotte or Black Laced Golden Wyandotte?

Black laced red is a relatively new variety of Wyandotte. In appearance the chickens are somewhat similar to black laced golden Wyandottes, which have been standardized as “golden laced Wyandottes” since 1888. To understand the nomenclature, as well as the differences between black laced red and black laced golden Wyandottes, let’s take a brief look at the development of Wyandottes in the United States.


Golden Laced Wyandotte

The golden laced Wyandotte was the second Wyandotte variety to be listed in the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection. First came the silver laced variety, admitted in 1883.


To this day, this variety remains the most popular of the Wyandottes. Its ideal color pattern is that of the silver Sebright bantam, but with wider lacing, in keeping with the larger size of the breed and its corresponding larger feather size.


Similarly, the ideal color pattern of the golden laced Wyandotte is that of the golden Sebright bantam. This variety remains the second most common Wyandotte in the United States.


One of the early names for the Wyandotte breed was “American Sebright,” although it is in no way related to the Sebright. To avoid confusion, the breed name was changed to Wyandotte when the first variety was standardized.


More Laced Varieties

Seven additional color varieties of Wyandottes have since been standardized, with more to come. One of the newer varieties is the blue laced red Wyandotte, which breeders are working to standardize. Another is the black laced red Wyandotte.


“With the emerging colors of laced varieties over the last 15 years, we feel it’s less confusing to have better descriptive names,” says Jeff Smith of Cackle Hatchery®. “So we are using full descriptive names for the Wyandottes we sell.”


Accordingly Cackle Hatchery offers the silver laced Wyandotte as black laced silver Wyandotte. Similarly, the golden laced Wyandotte is offered as black laced golden Wyandotte.


Black Laced Red Wyandotte

Which brings us to the black laced red Wyandotte. Although it is similar in appearance to the black laced golden Wyandotte, the black laced red has a double dose of mahogany color. As a result, the background plumage is a darker red compared to that of the black laced golden.


Cackle Hatchery is among only a handful of breeders developing this new variety. The hatchery has been working with their strain since 2012. Although the variety is not yet listed in the Standard of Perfection, several proponents are working to standardize and gain recognition for the attractive black laced red Wyandotte.


And that’s today’s news from the Cackle Coops.


Gail Damerow, author, The Chicken Encyclopedia


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