Fertile Hatching Eggs for Sale

For those of you who do not want baby chicks already hatched and wanting to experience yourself the thrill of watching life form and baby chicks hatching out of an egg, then this is for you. We have a few options for you to order our fresh fertile chicken eggs to put under your own broody hen or your incubator. Don't have an incubator? Cackle Hatchery® has the answer for that too! Click Here

All orders received after 1:00 pm on Thursday will be shipped out the next Friday.

Free Shipping We guarantee the same fresh eggs that go into our own incubators that produce our chicks for our customers. Our flocks and hatchery participate in "National Poultry Improvement Plan" of the United States Department of Agriculture. However, we do not guarantee your hatchability or health of chicks due to many possible issues out of our control once they leave our facility (see FAQ for more details). Eggs should be incubated within 1-2 days of arrival. We do not ship eggs to Hawaii. The prices below represent free shipping/handling fees. Pick up orders are $3.00 for each egg and you come into the storefront on Thursdays only from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. If you pre-order the eggs and pick up the eggs you will not be refunded the difference. Blue/Splash Wyandottes, All French Marans, and Olive Egger Hatching eggs must be preordered Chicken hatching eggs are shipped on Fridays and are usually shipped the NEXT Friday after receiving the order. If you are not wanting immediate shipment please put a date in the box just above place order in the checkout when you would like to them to ship. Please have your incubator running at least three days in advance of an anticipated date of arrival. Our fertile hatchery eggs are NOT insured by the United States Post Office. We are paying for a delivery receipt on the shipment so you will need to be available and home to sign the delivery receipt. Before signing, open the box to see if any eggs are broken. If any are, please note it on the delivery receipt and call us within 24 hours. For damaged eggs we will do a ONE time reshipment and we will not refund or replace after the ONE time reshipment. Discounts for 4H and FFA can not be used to purchase hatching eggs.

Note: Bobwhite Quail eggs only ship on Mondays and require a 2 to 3 week notice ahead of time and are not available for pick up. No pick orders on Ayam Cemani or Bobwhite Quail Fertile Hatching Eggs.

Generally speaking, all of these breeds hatch at a 70-80% rate here at our hatchery. We would assume with shipping the temperatures are not controlled and the bouncing or shocks are not controlled so maybe a realistic expectation would be a 50-70% hatch rate after delivery but again there is no hatching rate guaranteed. "Although you can order as few as 6 eggs on most breeds, we highly recommend you order 12 eggs or more. Which increases the luck of the draw with averages of some eggs to hatch out”.

Customers orders for these hatching eggs are:

-at their own risk and no refunds

-relying on the post office for safe delivery

-being home to sign the delivery receipt. 

”Typically these breeds/varieties ship Late Jan-Early June and you can start booking your order for these breeds/varieties of eggs in January” Find months from here https://www.cacklehatchery.com/availabilitychart