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Why Chickens Lay Eggs with Abnormal Shells

Misshapen Chicken Egg

Many things affect an egg’s shell color, texture, and strength. Among them are improper nutrition, environmental stress, age, and disease. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why chickens lay eggs with abnormal shells. Poor Nutrition Improper nutrition can cause hens to lay eggs with soft shells or thin shells that crack easily. […]

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How to Store Eggs in Lime Water

eggs in wire basket

To store fresh eggs for the long term without refrigeration, an alternative to the traditional method of submerging them in water glass (sodium silicate) is to use lime water (calcium hydroxide). Both are highly alkaline saturated solutions, with a pH of about 12.4. Both seal eggshell pores to prevent evaporation from within the egg, as […]

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How to Store Eggs in Water Glass

eggs in a basket

Before refrigeration became commonplace, submerging eggs in water glass was the preferred method of storage. Water glass, also known as sodium silicate, is a glassy solid (silicon dioxide) that dissolves in water. It has numerous industrial uses, including as a food preservative and a desiccant (silica gel pack) to protect delicate items from absorbing moisture. […]

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