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10 Ways to Reduce Peck Order Stress in Chickens

Chicken Peck Order

The pecking order governs the social organization of a flock of chickens, thereby reducing tension and stress in an established flock. Starting in the brooder, chicks spar almost from the day they hatch. By the time they are about six weeks old, each has established its place in the pecking order. In general, roosters are […]

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All Chicken Keepers Face These 3 Challenges

Chicken keepers vary in levels of experience, from novice to expert. But no matter how knowledgeable we might be, and how carefully we manage our flocks, all chicken keepers face the same three challenges. Predators Everyone who keeps poultry sooner or later experiences that heart-stopping moment of realization that a predator has come to call. […]

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How Much Water Does a Chicken Drink?

Chicken Drinking Water

How much water a chicken drinks each day depends on numerous factors including the bird’s size, water palatability, feed intake, feed composition, the environmental temperature, the bird’s condition of health, and whether the bird is laying.   Under normal conditions, the average chicken drinks between one and two cups of water each day. A laying […]

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