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Wyandotte Chickens in the Heritage Breed Spotlight

A Wyandotte-Buff-Roo chicken inside a coop

Wyandotte chickens were developed in a region of the United States once occupied by the Native American Huron tribes. Collectively, these tribes were known as Wendat, or Wyandot, which inspired the breed name.

Physical Attributes

With their short tail, short back, and loose feathering, Wyandotte chickens look rather round. They may be large or bantam.

They come in several color patterns, of which the silver laced Wyandotte is the original. It was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1883, soon followed by other color varieties. Bantam Wyandottes were first admitted in 1933.

The Wyandotte is the only breed having a rose comb that lacks a spike. The comb lies close to the chicken’s head, making it less susceptible to frostbite than a larger, upright single comb.

Sometimes Wyandottes throw single-comb chicks. The genetic traits for rose comb and single comb occur on the same gene, with rose comb being dominant to single comb. Some rose comb Wynadottes may therefore inherit one (dominant) rose comb gene and one (recessive) single comb gene. In appearance these heterozygous birds are identical to a homozygous bird with two rose comb genes.

However, if you mate two heterozygous birds, some of the offspring will inherit two single comb genes. They will therefore have single combs, as will their future offspring.

Breed Qualities

The Wyandotte is a dual purpose meat and egg chicken. The hefty roosters weigh 8½ pounds. Hens weight 6½ pounds.

The hens lay 180 to 260 large eggs per year with brown shells. They sometimes brood, and when they do, they are terrific mothers.

The Wyandotte’s insulative loose feathering, along with its rose comb, combine to make the breed especially cold hardy. With all the color varieties to choose from, plus a gentle temperament, it’s no wonder the Wyandotte is one of the most popular chicken breeds both in backyard flocks and in the show ring.

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  1. Nice article! We love our Wyandottes in our flock. They are consistent layers, and have a great disposition : )

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