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Wyandotte Chickens in the Heritage Breed Spotlight

A Wyandotte-Buff-Roo chicken inside a coop

Wyandotte chickens were developed in a region of the United States once occupied by the Native American Huron tribes. Collectively, these tribes were known as Wendat, or Wyandot, which inspired the breed name. Physical Attributes With their short tail, short back, and loose feathering, Wyandotte chickens look rather round. They may be large or bantam. […]

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At What Age Do Hens Start Laying Eggs?

chick surrounded by eggs in nest

Although the age at which hens start laying eggs depends on many factors, the ultimate factor is the breed. Some breeds mature fast and start laying as early as 4 months of age, while others mature more slowly and start laying much later. Below are just a few of the many chicken breeds, along with […]

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Chick Sales Sheets

PRINTABLE CHICK SALES SHEETS Tips for printing: Make sure your printer settings are set to landscape orientation and that the scale is set to “Fit to Page”. Ancona Duck Austra White Barnevelder Barred Cochin Barred Plymouth Rock Barred Rock Bantam Bielefelder Black Australorp Black Breasted Red Aseel Black Breasted Red Phoenix Black Cochin Standard Chicken […]

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