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How Much Water Does a Chicken Drink?

Chicken Drinking Water

How much water a chicken drinks each day depends on numerous factors including the bird’s size, water palatability, feed intake, feed composition, the environmental temperature, the bird’s condition of health, and whether the bird is laying.   Under normal conditions, the average chicken drinks between one and two cups of water each day. A laying […]

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How Much Feed Does a Chicken Eat?

Chicken Eating

How much feed a chicken eats each week varies with the chicken’s age, breed, and strain, degree of activity, and condition of health. Other factors include the ration’s palatability and texture, and its energy and protein content.   In cold weather, a chicken stays warm by eating more than it does during the heat of […]

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Buying a Ready-Made Chicken Coop — 10 Things to Consider

Prefab Coop

Buying a ready-made chicken coop, instead of building one yourself, has several advantages. It doesn’t require any carpentry tools or skills. It doesn’t take up several weekends of your free time to put together. And you don’t need a PhD in all the features a chicken coop needs. But you should know enough about how […]

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12 Chicken Breeds with the Best Laying Hens

Brown Eggs from Productive Hen

All female chickens lay eggs, and all hens lay best in their first year of production. But some chicken breeds lay better than others. Hens that lay best are of breeds that have been selectively bred for egg production, rather than for fast growth or exhibition qualities.   Layers of Eggs with Brown Shells Chicken […]

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