Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani

…gene is also found in some other black fowl breeds. Roosters can get some mulberry upon maturity due to testosterone and other influences. The hens lay cream-colored eggs, although they…

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Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs

Rhode Island Red Fertile Hatching Eggs

Hatching some Rhode Island Red (Production Type) Hatching Eggs will give you some great egg laying hens and/or protective roosters. An essential tool for incubation is a Egg Candler. It…

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French Wheaten Marans Chicken

French Wheaten Marans Rooster

…in Indianapolis, Indiana”. The Wheaten line carries feathered shanks and amber eyes with light wheaten colored feathers. These birds are friendly, sociable and active. Roosters are very calm and can…

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Rhode Island Red Chicken

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed (Single Comb Variety) Chicken Rooster

…a little darker red and do not produce as many eggs. The Roosters usually weigh in at 8.5 pounds (3.9 kg), The Hens weigh slightly less at 6.5 pounds (2.9…

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